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Associate Member Spotlight: The Bloom Effect

the bloom effect

A2IM Associate Member Spotlight: The Bloom Effect starts the buzz that creates The Bloom.

Founder Fiona Bloom has the perfect name for the energy and hustle she puts behind developing artists. Laying down the foundation and building careers. The Bloom Effect is a one-stop shop specializes in branding, online & traditional publicity, international marketing, booking, event management, and audience engagement.

Having been a musician for half her life as a concert pianist and violinist, Fiona understands the long arduous journey, the nuances and idiosyncrasies involved in developing talent and therefore her ability to relate and translate these dynamics allows for successful partnerships.

Her current roster is rich and diverse. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Bloom Effect believes in two genres of Music: Good and Bad. On any given week she’s working Jazz, Soul, Rock, World, Hip Hop, Synth Pop, Bluegrass, and Jam. That’s the best method to keep it exciting and the trick to doing well… A little Arm-Twisting, Experience, a Big Smile and lots of Passion!


Here’s just a taste of what’s keeping her busy these days –


  • Currently gearing up for Mondo, Oct 3rd-5th.
    This year’s exciting as it’s a more robust program combining tech and music with a deep dive into Blockchain and Crypto! The setting isn’t bad either! Some of the best views of NYC skyline. Williamsburg Hotel.
  • Simple Minds readies First N.American Tour in 2 Decades! Ticket info here.
  • The Zombies are on the West Coast. They were hanging out at KAABOO with Dave Grohl, Post Malone, and Tower of Power.
    Their live shows have had rave reviews! Variety reviews their L.A. Performance
  • Tower of Power new album and a first-time #1 on Billboard Chart in 50 years! They’re celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year with no signs of slowing down.New Issue of Billboard Sept. 15th on stands now is a whole 50th Anniversary Commemorative Issue!
  • Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Raul Midon has a new album with the Metropole Orkest called ‘If You Really Want’ and A2iM faves as he just performed at the Libera Awards. Hopefully, you all caught his performance.

Last but not least, hybrid bluegrass hip-hop group Gangstagrass are making waves!

  • NY1 just filmed their Brooklyn show and interviewed them for a segment upcoming.
  • FORBES.com also wrote about them recently and they have a song in BlacKkKlansman (Spike Lee).
  • Live Album coming out 2019 February and they’re doing a UK Tour in January!
Connect with Fiona though the links below and follow along with all her incredible artists

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